Scar Tissue

By: Victoria Fragnito


Time does not heal all wounds. Best friends Jessica and Sam each have scars from their pasts that have never quite healed. Jessica has never been able to get passed an extremely damaging romantic relationship from her formative years in college, while Sam has been ignoring a painfully fractured relationship with her sister. After years of denial, an impromptu lunch date and an unexpected overnight guest force them both to confront these wounds head on. The only way they can begin to heal is to face what they didn't want to see - and they cannot do that without each other.


Our Goal

Right now women are making history. We are coming together and our voices are being heard. It is important that we keep sharing and that we keep speaking up. "Scar Tissue" is our way of shining a light on what has been kept in the dark for so long. It's a story about women, by women - but it's important for everyone to hear.


#MeToo #TimesUp

"Scar Tissue" has already had a profound effect on those who have read it or seen the staged reading in July. So many people have told us "That's happened to me." "That's happened to my friend." "That's happened to my sister." "That's happened to my daughter." Then the #MeToo movement happened. With so many women coming forward and sharing their experiences, we too, want to share our voice and continue this integral conversation.

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